Bringing Together the World of Work and Young People

Through initiatives of varying duration, our aim is to inform young people about the business world. Tailored to the realities of the new generations, these initiatives will teach young people about how companies operate, what they value, what they look for and how they identify candidates.



Bringing Innovation to the Jobs Market

The aim of the Observatorio de Innovación en el Empleo (OIE) is to become the driving force of change in society thanks to the collaboration of private-sector business partners from all areas of activity who are working together to find viable solutions to the current labour market challenges.

  • José Boada
    Presidente de Pelayo

    At Pelayo, we believe unemployment is currently the biggest problem of our economy and society that is negatively impacting a large number of Spanish families. So, we must commit ourselves to finding new and innovative solutions that will allow us to get out of this very serious situation as quickly as possible. At the Observatory we can contribute to achieving that objective.

    Manuel López Donaire
    Consejero Delegado de Delaviuda

    Delaviuda Confectionery Group is aware of the need to find solutions to improve and stimulate the labour market, and this is now one of our main concerns. That is why in our group policies priority is given to job creation, the improvement of the employability of people and the professional development of our employees. This allows us to promote equal opportunities and a healthy work-life balance for our employees. Delaviuda CG is grateful to Adecco for the trust they have placed in us and will do its utmost to identify, analyse and suggest initiatives which will help to improve the current situation.

  • Paulo Morgado
    CEO of Capgemini

    We strongly believe in talent and it is a strategic factor in our business. We develop programmes to attract that talent and our commitment to diversity – the capacity to generate added value regardless of disability, religion, sex – is a distinguishing factor of our company. We welcome an initiative like the OIE that will allow us to join efforts and share experiences from different areas of business to build a better future.

    Francisco Álvarez
    Managing Director of Sephora Spain

    Sephora is the most innovative perfumery chain in the world and a benchmark employer that offers a professional career plan for its employees through its development and training programmes. It is a great honour to be part of the OIE because it is our responsibility to share our experiences with leading companies in each sector to find effective solutions for everyone: employment for young people, recruitment and retention of talent, workplace integration which we have been involved in since 2008, in addition to many other issues of vital importance to the labour market.

  • Paloma Beamonte
    President and CEO of Xerox Spain

    Today, companies cannot separate the concepts of innovation and employment if they want to be competitive. We are proud to participate in initiatives like this because, even though we consider ourselves to be a company that attracts and creates talented individuals, the combination of the continuous training of our employees and the hiring of new talent that contribute new ideas are the two core concepts of our human resources policy.

    Enrique Sanchez
    President of Adecco for Spain, Portugal and Latin America

    Adecco upholds a daily social commitment with the unemployed and the Spanish labour market. We are one of the ten largest employers in Spain and invest 7 million euros each year in the training of workers. This is why we have decided to promote the creation of the Employment Innovation Observatory with the aim of contributing, from the private sector, to the improvement of the situation of the unemployed and enterprises, because the success of companies hinges upon the well-being of its employees.

  • François-Xavier Fenart
    President of L' Oréal

    L’ Oréal Spain is committed to the Spanish market. We promote and invest in employment and are always looking for innovative ideas that allow us to recruit the best talent and to help our employees grow. L’ Oréal is considered one of the best companies to work for, thanks to the ongoing initiatives it has adopted on issues related to diversity, equality and career development. At the Employment Innovation Observatory we want to go one step further to seek together realistic, responsible and pragmatic employability measures for unemployed groups who need innovative ideas that provide them with pioneering solutions.

    Alfonso Callejo
    Managing Director of Corporate Resources at ACCIONA

    At ACCIONA we see our responsibility in the area of employment from two perspectives. In our selection process we make sure that we give equal opportunities to all candidates and that we use the most objective criteria and tools. In the relationship with our employees, we strive to offer them the best opportunities for growth and professional development based on their abilities because we are interested in having the best talent.

  • Paul de Villiers
    CEO of Amadeus Spain

    Innovation doesn’t pertain solely to technology enterprises or R+D departments. It must be applied to everything because innovation is to see and do things a different way, to be open to change and risk. For Amadeus, innovating is also co-creating: just as we conceive, develop and test our products and solutions with our customers, the Observatory will allow us to work alongside schools, universities and experts in management, selection and talent scouting to continue advancing towards excellence, one of our core values.

    María Paramés
    Deputy General Director of Bankinter

    In the current recession, where the destruction of employment has become the industry standard, Bankinter has maintained stability in its workforce. The bank continues to pursue its goal of creating high-quality employment in those businesses and geographical areas on which our growth strategy is based. I believe that we, along with other financial institutions that are in a better solvency position, must focus on credit growth and employment as a formula that will help anticipate the end of the crisis.

  • Jesús Domingo
    Deputy Director General of Human Resources at Mahou San Miguel

    “We are a company that is committed to our employees and to employment in general”, states Jesus Domingo, Deputy Director General of Human Resources at Mahou San Miguel. “In recent years, we have implemented various initiatives to promote training, integration and employment, especially among the young. For example, this year we implemented the Programa Crecemos (Growth Programme), an initiative for young people under the age of 30 whose aim is to train them in Mahou San Miguel’s different areas of business.”

    Alberto Unzurrunzaga
    Director of Human Resources at McDonald´s Spain

    McDonald’s Spain is a company committed to the creation of high-quality, stable and flexible employment, as well as the training and professional development of our employees. For McDonald’s, it is important to have well-trained and committed teams. That is why we promote various human resources strategies that allow us to meet the needs of employees in a pleasant working environment and accomplish our business objectives. We are confident that the Employment Innovation Observatory will offer an active discussion forum for the development of initiatives that will help stimulate the labour market in our country.

  • Alberto Navarro
    CEO of SEUR

    SEUR’s participation in the Employment Innovation Observatory is part of our commitment to generate and promote conditions that will improve and mobilize employability, which should be the basic tenet of any business organization. To do this, it is essential for us, through the Observatory, to generate a state of opinion that broadens the discussion of employment at all levels of society, by encouraging the development of government measures that will help us to promote the proposed initiatives. We must therefore promote innovative formulas that provide employment to groups facing difficulties, which include a large number of young Spaniards (remember that 15.6% of the unemployed are under 25 years of age).

    Miguel Ángel Merino
    Miguel Ángel Merino, CEO of Línea Directa Aseguradora

    Línea Directa is committed to the personal and professional growth of its employees. To accomplish this, we foster innovation through our employees and equal opportunities for everyone, and, as a result, we have been recognized by MERCO as one of the best companies to work at in Spain. Therefore, Línea Directo wants to give its full support to the initiative of the Employment Innovation Observatory, whose success we hope has a positive impact on the labour market and the generation of high-quality employment.

  • Guenther Seeman
    CEO of BMW Ibérica

    For BMW Group, being part of the OIE is a firm commitment to the Spanish youth who have recently graduated and are looking for their first job. We are aware that one of the main problems in Spain is unemployment. That is why we want to contribute to the professional development of young people with initiatives that improve their chances of integration into the Spanish labour market. An example of this commitment is the exclusive paid scholarship programme “Do You Like to Learn?” the group created in 2013. We hope that the alliance with the OIE will enable us to bring us even closer to young Spaniards to offer them training and development programmes that will help them in their integration into the labour market.

    Marcos de Quinto
    Executive Vice President and CMO of the Coca-Cola Company

    Together with our bottling partners, the Coca-Cola Company employs more than 700,000 people worldwide, and is committed to the socio-economic and cultural development of the communities in which it operates. That is why we promote internationally initiatives such as “5by20” which aims to provide 5 million female entrepreneurs around the world with access to the market by 2020, knocking down the training or economic barriers that prevent this today. This, along with our concern about youth unemployment, is why are a founding partner of the network of hubs of the World Economic Forum’s “Global Shapers”, a worldwide community of more than 3,000 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 determined to make a lasting impact on society, and why we promote the GIRA programme aimed at young people at risk of social exclusion in Spain. We congratulate Adecco for creating the Employment Innovation Observatory, and we, of course, are committed to its success, of which our young people and society will definitely benefit.