Starting date: January 15, 2018
Location: Madrid
Schedule of classes: 9:00 – 15:00 (30 hours per week)


The course contains the theoretical and practical knowledge to specialize and confront cyber security environment projects in a professionally.

The practical part will offer participants the possibility of adapting the theoretical contents to the business model that each participant has in mind to start.

Course objectives:

  • Acquire the knowledge and necessary skill to plan, develop and implement a system of management of an organization’s information based on applicable international standards according to the ISO 27001.
  • Learn, plan, and document properly an information security management system using different instruments of analysis and information allowing you to properly do an ISMS auditing.
  • Understand the basics of an ISMS audit and its fundamental objectives. Learn the best practices of an ISMS.
  • Apply an internal Control correctly on the activities carried out on the basis of procedures, standards and norms.
  • Know the types of audits that exist, obtain evidence and implement phases.
  • Learn the roles, tasks and responsibilities, as well as the skills and behaviors of an effective Auditor.


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