OIE report on youth and the labour



The transition from the classroom to the workplace is a vital moment in a student’s life which is often times accompanied by feelings of uncertainty and disorientation. This is compounded by the current youth unemployment rate of 52.4% which makes finding employment seem like an almost unattainable goal. According to the OIE Report on Youth and the Labour Market published by the Observatorio de Innovación en el Empleo(OIE) and led by Adecco, the main factors contributing to this are the skills gaps between what the education system is teaching, the expectations of young people and the needs of the labour market. Here are some of the findings from the OIE report:

  • 80% of young people believe they will not find work in their chosen academic fields
  • Humanities majors have the least chance of landing a job in their field of study, a problem which affects more students at public institutions than private.
  • 6 out of 10 university students say the transition from school to the world of work seems like too big of a leap. However, only 42% of students in vocational education and training (VET) programmes feel this way.
  • Only 36% of students have sent their CV to or have done interviews with companies. The percentage is even lower at private universities, where only 18% of the students have done so.
  • Companies and young people agree that the requirements for finding a job are excessive. This was expressed by 67% of university students and 49% of companies.